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New Moon of Cancer with Yael Yardeni. Moscow, June 2. Kabbalistic Astrology with Yael Yardeni shared a post. The Kabbalah Centre Seeing in the Dark. Welcome to the new lunar month of Tammuz Cancer. Kabbalistic Astrology with Yael Yardeni is feeling excited. Academy of Kabbalistic Astrology. What are the most important lessons the universe wants us to learn? We are now in full-blown lunar Gemini!

Yael Yardeni - Rosh Hodesh Gemeni I hope everyone is taking full advantage of the wonderful wisdom of kabbalistic astrology week after week!

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See More. There are many references to astrology in the apocrypha.

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The Book of Jubilees said that Abraham overcame the beliefs of astrologers by accepting one God. In early classical rabbinic works written in the land of Israel Jerusalem Talmud and Palestinian midrash compilations astrologers are known as astrologos and astrologiyya. In early classical rabbinic works written in Babylon, astrologers were called kaldiyyim , kalda'ei , and iztagninin. The most popular form of astrological belief in this period was to regard certain periods of time as lucky or unlucky.

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We will be missing Gemini! Yet joy is a trait that needs to be enhanced and expanded constantly. Mercury is the planet of communication, which means it has the qualifications of an electrical cable, telephone wire, a teacher, an adviser, a story teller — basically anything that can transfer any information from point a to point b. Berg, Rav P. Showing 1 to 30 of 37 results. Moshe Benamram.

For example, Rabbi Yehoshua ben Levi listed the character traits associated with one's having been born on specific days of the week; R' Hanina dissented and said that character traits are determined by the planet under whose influence one was born. The new moon was likewise regarded as an unfavorable season for bleeding, as were also the third of the month and the day preceding a festival. Ecclesiastes Rabbah states that the rulers of some non-Jewish nations were experts in astrology, and that King Solomon too had expertise in this realm.

The Science of Kabbalistic Astrology - Cancer - 6/22 - 7/22 (Audio cassette)

In general, many people quoted in the Talmud believed that in theory astrology had merit as some kind of science, but they were skeptical that astrological signs could be interpreted correctly or in a practical fashion. In one place the Talmud that astrologers "gaze and know not at what they gaze at, ponder and know not what they ponder. Some hold that the stars generally do control the fate of people and nations, but Abraham and his descendants were elevated by their covenant with God, and thus achieve an elevated level of free will.

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In the Talmud, two rabbis R. Johanan and Rav held that "there is no mazal literally "constellation" for Israel, but only for the nations", while one held the contrary, that astrology does apply to Israel. It is said that Abraham predicted via astrological tablets that he would have no second son, but God said to him, "Away with your astrology; for Israel there is no mazal! Samuel of Nehardea is the only sage in the Talmud who seriously studied astrology, yet he held that it was not compatible with Judaism.

Quoting Deuteronomy , "The Law is not in the Heavens", he is reputed to have taught that " Torah cannot go together with the art that studies the heavens". Similarly, Jose of Hutzal prohibited consulting an astrologer: "We are not permitted to appeal to the Chaldeans, for it is written Deuteronomy , 'You shall be perfect with the Lord your God'". Several sources record that Rabbi Akiva prohibited the practice of astrology. The biblical Patriarch Abraham is said to have known astrology, with many people congregated before him to seek advice.

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Many rabbis in the Geonic era after the close of the Talmud, early medieval period discussed the varying Talmudic and midrashic views on astrology. One responsum takes a middle view: Otzar HaGeonim , concludes that astrology has some reality, in that the stars give a person certain inclinations; however each person has the ability to overcome their own inclinations, and thus maintains free will.

Astrology was practised by some Jews throughout the Middle Ages , both as a professional art and as a science. Coming from the East, Jews were sometimes looked upon as heirs and successors of the Chaldeans. For this reason, Jews sometimes were regarded by the Western world as masters of astrology.

Their supposed power over destiny on occasion filled the multitudes with awe and fear. Abraham ibn Ezra was a follower of astrology, which he calls "a sublime science. He often refers to astrology in his Bible commentaries. To him heaven with its constellations is "the book of life," in which man's destiny is written, and against which there is recourse to God as "the Almighty," who overrules all these influences. Israel [Jews], however, enjoys a special status, which is manifest most decisively in its possession of the Torah.

As long as a Jew is engaged in the study and observance of the Torah, he is linked to a spiritual realm which is itself superior to the stars. In this way a Jew may liberate himself from the decrees of the stars. Dunash ibn Tamim CE, North Africa , who wrote a commentary on the Kabbalistic work Sefer Yetzirah , wrote a treatise on astronomy which rejected astrology. Gersonides believed that astrology was real, and developed a naturalistic, non-supernatural explanation of how it works. For Gersonides, astrology was:.

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The general connection imparted to the prophet by the active intellect is the general order of the astrological constellation. The constellation under which a man is born determines his nature and fate, and constellations as well determine the life span of nations The active intellect knows the astrological order, from the most general form of the constellations to their last specification, which in turn contains all of the conditions of occurrence of a particular event.

Thus, when a prophet deals with the destiny of a particular person or human group, he receives from the active intellect a knowledge of the order of the constellations, and with sufficient precision to enable him to predict its fate in full detail This astrological determinism has only one limitation.

The free will of man could shatter the course of action ordained for him by the stars; prophecy could therefore predict the future on the basis of astrological determination only insofar as the free will of man does not break through the determined course of things. Gersonides believed astrology to be a science that predicts events according to set laws of nature albeit, a different set than the ones we are used to. He also believed that a person who has perfected his thinking could interact with the laws of nature through the active intellect.

Gersonides thus thought of himself as creating a rationalist and non-supernatural theology. In this sense, there is a similarity between Gersonides and Maimonides. Shlomo ibn Aderet - in a responsum commonly but mistakenly attributed to Nahmanides - wrote that while one may not ask an astrologer for a prediction, astrology itself is real.

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He states rules that one must ultimately trust in God, and not in any lesser force, as God can perform miracles to overcome the patterns of nature. As such, he concludes that one is forbidden to ask an astrologer for a prediction, but one may act on the words of an astrologer if advice is freely given.

Monthly Kabbalistic Forecast - month of Cancer (2014)

Nahmanides himself wrote that astrology is a real facet of nature, which astrologers can interpret but not reliably; Jews are forbidden to use astrology and instead required to consult prophets, whose word is always reliable. Maimonides answered an inquiry concerning astrology, addressed to him from Marseilles. The 12th House is the area of life dealing with things that disrupt or cause disassociation with the personality.

Planets represent various parts of one's mind or self The Sun represents one's spirit, ego, image of self, and sense of aliveness. The Moon represents one's emotional nature, moods, feelings, and caring tendencies. Mercury represents one's thoughts, intellect, and communicative activity. Venus represents one's creativity, tendencies for affection and calmness, and relationship needs.

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Cancer is controlled by the Moon. There are seven celestial bodies that kabbalistic Astrology is based upon: the Sun, the Moon, Mercury. Learn about the traits, gifts and challenges of the sign of Cancer and apply this profound yet simple wisdom to achieve your full potential. Kabbalistic Astrology .

Mars represents one's will, energy, activity, and aggressive, assertive tendencies. Jupiter represents one's enthusiastic, faithful, wise, expansive, spontaneous nature. Saturn represents one's part of mind that is disciplined, respectful, and solitary. Uranus represents one's individuality, desires for change, and tendency to go against social norms. Neptune represents one's intuitive, spiritual, compassionate, psychic nature. Pluto represents one's destiny, and capacity to transform the self and the outer world. Chiron represents one's ability to help, heal, and teach others, and where one has much experience.

Ceres represents one's tendency to direct energy to instinctive, creative, reproductive goals. Pallas Athena represents one's tendency to direct energy away from emotional and into mental pursuits. Juno represents one's tendency to give away individual power for the benefit of a relationship. Vesta represents one's capacity to direct creative energy into personal or devotional goals.

The North Node represents one's karmic goals, and best direction of evolutionary growth.