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As we are still on artificially induced 'summer time', darkness is not drawing in quite as early as it might by the time on the clock. When clocks go back at the end of this month, we will seemingly get an extra hour on a Sunday before the shorter days of winter are upon us. October, Dog month, is gaining favour with me. We have settled into the school routine and I can gather my thoughts without having to think about whether I have forgotten anything for school, activities or anything else to do with the lovely little Lily. Every year, one of the month animal signs clashes with the year animal signs.

During this Dragon year the Dog is the clashing month. A clash can often signify a change, so it was not a complete surprise to me that our friends at gbtimes started to include a video introduction with the monthly horoscopes. The aspiring Olympic athlete in our house wants to win a gold medal.

If you want to go for gold in something, maybe this Rooster month is the right time for you?

Chinese Horoscope February 2017

The Rooster's metal energy is especially sharp this month. Click on the link below to read more Goat month has already started. School summer holidays are about to start, we are counting down the days. It's great fun for the little ones and a great opportunity for 'tiger mothers' to cram extra tuition and extra extra-curricular activities for their offspring. You might be wondering if I am a 'tiger mother'. For those of you who are wondering about the term 'tiger mother', it does not mean mums born under the sign of the tiger, that would be the Chinese astrological meaning.


Another term I have come across recently is 'helicopter parenting'. As much as I love my metaphors, I had to think about that one to realise it was referring to mothers who are so closely involved in their child's progress in life that they are like a helicopter hovering over the child.

Will I be hovering over Lily this summer, watching her with tiger-like eyes?

Send in your answers on a postcard! This afternoon we watched the Jubilee Pageant on television. Sixty years is highly significant in Chinese Astrology terms because it represents a full cycle through the sixty 'pillars' of animal sign with element. Although the coronation of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II took place on 2nd June , the queen ascended to the throne in , which was a Water Dragon year, just like this year The next Dragon year in will be a Wood Dragon. The twelve animal signs with the five elements make up a cycle of sixty.

Chinese zodiac predictions for 12222 – the Year of the Pig

The Dragon is the only mythical creature in the Chinese zodiac. In ancient China, the Dragon was the emblem of the emperors who used to sit on Dragon thrones wearing Dragon robes. Are you celebrating the Jubilee? Whether you are or not you can click on the link below to see what is in store for you in June:.

Did you see the super moon last Saturday night, 5th May? That was the start of the solar Snake month. If you want to find out what Snake month holds for you click on the link below to read your monthly horoscope:. There is a full moon tonight on Good Friday. In the Chinese calendar, we are in Dragon month and this is a Dragon year. Click on the link below for your monthly Chinese Horoscopes for April:. Venue: West London. So you attend all the seminar dates before you finish paying your installments.

I will then sort out the details with you. For more details of the course syllabus and after seminar support click on the link:.

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Email foon fengshuibritain. Rabbit month starts on the 5th March, for your monthly Horoscope please click on the following link:. For your daily horoscopes, visit www. A special offer for anyone living in the UK. Chinese New Year is celebrated from the new moon until the full moon.

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Tonight, 6th February, is the first full moon of the Dragon year and traditionally marks the end of the New Year festivities. In modern times not many Chinese people take the full New Year fortnight as a holiday, most people will already be back at work. Talking of work, I wrote a short guest blog article with some tips for your office space, click on the link below to read it.

It was a pleasure for me to write the article and to feature as a guest blogger for Bridie's Typing Services. Bridie has been doing some superb transcribing for me for my daily astrology column www.

Chinese astrology professional accredited course

Although, the lunar new year started on the 23rd January this year, the solar new year, as used by astrologers and feng shui practitioners started on the 4th February, a few days ago. Since Tiger month is already upon us, you can find out what is in store for you by clicking on the link below:. A new year is a time to think about wiping the slate clean and starting afresh.

It is a Chinese tradition to spring clean your home before the start of New Year's eve, and not to do any sweeping during the New Year celebrations. This is because with the new year comes new luck. This month's top tip is to do some spring cleaning. In fact the 4th February is known in the Chinese calendar as the 'beginning of spring'.

Although it is a bit windy and chilly outdoors you can revitalise your home with sweeping out the old to make way for the new. Is this a good idea? I shared my thoughts with Channel 4 and you can watch on the television, at 7. Alternatively, you can watch the video by clicking through on the following link. We have just put up our Christmas tree today and there is an excitement in the air as the long awaited arrival of Father Christmas is now being counted down in the advent calendar.

I am often asked if there is a good place to put the Christmas tree.

This year, and this Rat month, it is important to avoid disturbing the energies in the east of your home. Putting up a Christmas tree would not necessarily count as disturbing the energies. However, the presence of the tree, baubles and fairy lights might not bring out the best in the energies lurking in the east side of your home this month.

Daily Planetary Overview

It is better to place your Christmas tree in an area that is not the east side of your home or office. Of course, place it somewhere sensible where it can be a focal point without blocking any walkways. If you are wondering what Rat month will bring for you, click on the link below for your monthly Chinese horoscope:. There has been much talk in our house of writing lists for Father Christmas. I explained to Lily that we can write lists, but whether or not we get the presents does depend on the reports that Father Christmas from parents, grandparents and teachers.

There was a perplexed look on the little girl's face, "Does Father Christmas speak Chinese? When the elves are in full capacity at the toy factory in the north pole, Father Christmas orders more toys from the toy factories in China, to make sure he has enough to go round for all the boys and girls in the whole wide world", thinking on my feet.